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We provide leading-brand satellite WiFi HotSpots, Iridium and Inmarsat satellite phones, prepaid vouchers, and easy online pay-monthly subscriptions for satellite phones. 

Rent a Satellite Phone or WiFi Hotspot

Rent a handheld satellite phone for voice and text applications. The Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 is the latest handheld satellite phone which offers superior signal performance, ease of use, long battery life, and GPS with automated tracking features. The Iridium Extreme is the only of our rentals that works at or near the polar regions, and also much better suited for use out at sea.  

Buy Satellite Phones

These are satellite phones for outright purchase, with or without PAYG/prepaid minutes. Alternatively you can have any of our satellite phones on a pay-monthly service if you buy the hardware with one of our easy online monthly subscriptions from the relevant section in our web shop.

Buy Satellite WiFi Hotspots

Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspots enable Windows, Apple & Android devices with satellite internet and satellite voice calling abilities, via the use of specialised apps. Note that the Iridium GO is a narrowband device (very slow internet) whereas the Inmarsat Satellite WiFi HotSpots provides much faster internet. However the Inmarsat Satellite WiFi HotSpots only works on land while the Iridium GO works anywhere at land, sea or air. 

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