About Us

In business since 2007, Ashbury SatCom operates some of the world’s leading online stores for Iridium and Inmarsat satellite phone sales and rentals with advanced online ordering, account management, and monitoring features unmatched by any other satellite phone retailer.

Our customers are both businesses and individuals, but they have one thing in common: they’re global travellers, adventurers and explorers and they rely on us to provide the satellite communications that enable them to stay connected from places in the middle of nowhere.

World-class e-commerce facilities makes it very easy to place and keep track of your orders, eliminating the need for any unnecessary back and forth. Feel confident that your orders are processed accurately and efficiently with automated notifications as your orders progress through our fulfillment processes.

Our online systems provide an overview of all your orders, allows you to download invoices, and manage your subscriptions. We also have monitoring facilities where you can see all your satellite phones, verify that your airtime has been loaded, keep an eye on airtime levels, and download call records.

Our customers enjoy our unique blend of impartial, practical advice to their remote communication requirements. We value independence, creativity, and honesty, and we trust that our website communicates these values to you in everything it does for you.