Inmarsat iSatHUB PrePaid Airtime Vouchers

PrePaid airtime vouchers for all Inmarsat iSatHUB satellite WiFi Hotspots, loaded electronically directly to your SIM card by Ashbury SatCom. 1 Unit = 1 Megabyte.


Inmarsat iSatHUB PrePaid Airtime Vouchers

Inmarsat iSatHUB PrePaid Airtime Vouchers. Prepaid airtime vouchers for all Inmarsat iSatHUB terminals. Do all your Inmarsat iSatHub top-ups on this page. You can also get an airtime voucher to go with your new iSatHub SIM card on this page.

Our Inmarsat iSatHub airtime vouchers are virtual vouchers and they are loaded directly to your iSatHub by our activations people. Data calls on our Inmarsat iSatHub airtime vouchers consume only 1 units per megabyte making them very cost effective.

Note that Inmarsat iSatHub SIM cards from Ashbury SatCom never die, so even if it is long after expiry you can always reactivate your Inmarsat iSatHub by buying yourself an iSatHub prepaid airtime voucher on this page.

Due to billing system limitations from Inmarsat it is actually possible for iSatHub prepaid SIM cards to run into the negative, and if a negative airtime balance occurs, this will be held on the pre-paid account and deducted from the next voucher top-up.

    iSatHub PrePaid Call Rates
  • Data calls are 1 units per megabyte of data i.e. 1 units = 1 megabyte.
  • Voice calls are 0.2 units per minute, SMS texts are 0.1 units each.
  • Voice calls 60-seconds minimum, 30-second increments thereafter.
  • Data calls are 1 megabyte minimum, 250 kilobyte increments thereafter.

    iSatHub Prepaid Validity
  • If you do not use your airtime by its expiry date you will forfeit it, unless you do a recharge before expiry in which case any existing airtime is carried forward.
  • IsatHUB recharges carry forward any existing airtime and extends the SIM expiry date with the validity period of the newly loaded voucher.
  • The maximum validity period that airtime can be carried forward for is 2 years, after which any airtime that has not been used will be forfeited.
  • When doing a recharge to prevent expiry of existing airtime, always do this at least 5 days before expiry in case there is a delay with the processing of your recharge.
  • During the checkout process you do have the ability to future-date the loading of your airtime, so there is no reason to leave it for the last moment – you can even do it weeks in advance].
  • iSatHUB SIM cards from Ashbury never die, so even if it is long after the airtime has expired you can revive the SIM by simply buying a new iSatHUB prepaid voucher.

    How to Recharge iSatHub
  • To check your iSatHub airtime balance send an email to
  • To recharge an existing SIM buy a voucher and enter your iSatHUB phone number into the relevant field during checkout.
  • iSatHUB top-up vouchers are loaded by Ashbury SatCom’s activations people, directly onto the SIM card.
  • You will receive an email once your order has completed processing, which means that your airtime has been loaded. This typically takes 4 hours during business hours, 72 hours over weekends.
  • If you buy a recharge on our website for a SIM card that wasn’t supplied by us you’ll be sent a new SIM free of charge.
  • If a negative airtime balance occurs, this will be held on the pre-paid account and deducted from the next voucher top-up.

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