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The Iridium GO is a Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot, which brings satellite voice calling, basic emailing, and text messaging capabilities to any Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.


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Iridium GO Satellite WiFi HotSpot

Iridium GO creates a Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere on the planet, enabling up to five smartphones or tablets to make voice calls and send text messages, via satellite – thereby obviating the need to carry a separate handheld satellite phone. Voice calls are made with the Iridium GO voice calling app which synchronizes with the user’s existing phone-book on their smartphone.

Additionally, Iridium GO provides a 2.4kbps narrow-band data connection which allows for basic email and very limited internet usage by means of Iridium’s specialized Mail & Web app, which users can download from the Apple and Android stores. Social network updates such as photo uploads also works quite well, but users should be aware that most bandwidth hungry 3rd party apps on their smartphones, such as Skype, video transmissions and Whats App, will not work over the Iridium GO narrow-band connection.

Iridium GO is incredibly simple to use, raising the antenna turns on the device, which then automatically connects to the Iridium network and establishes a Wi-Fi connection. By using the special Iridium GO apps on their smartphones, individuals can then use their phone or tablet to make voice calls, send text messages, download emails, and to a limited extent, browse the internet.

Iridium GO is designed to be rugged; it is built to withstand rain, sand, dust and rough use. The included GPS with SOS functionality creates a fast, two-way connection with an emergency provider—bringing peace of mind anywhere in the world. Optional search and rescue services are also available with Iridium GO, the details of which come in the box.

At about the size of a pack of cigarettes, Iridium GO! is highly portable, providing a WiFi hotspot with a coverage radius of 100 feet. Users can connect devices wirelessly without any special adapters and enjoy good voice quality, thanks to the use of the optimized audio fidelity of their smartphones.

***Note for maritime users: Iridium GO can now be fully and easily integrated with the brilliant QTVLM grib file viewer and navigation app for Sailing Boats. Note that you require the full version off the QTVLM app, which can be purchased from within the free version of the QTVLM app, in order for QTVLM to be able to communicate with Iridium GO. Just search for QTVLM in the app store on your mobile devices.

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  1. Iridium go (verified owner)

    As a quick and relatively simple global Satphone capable of basic email and text, so far I cannot fault the product or service from Charles at Ashbury.. It has taken me a couple of hours to properly test and set up the iridium go and the iridium web and mail apps..
    So long as it works in the middle of oceans, I’m happy…

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    • Moderator

      I hope the hotspot worked out for you on your sailng trip, and pleasure dealing with you.


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  2. One person found this helpful

    Sailing trip to Spain

    Simon Jobson (verified owner)

    I used the Iridium Go! In the summer of 2015 so that I could continue to work remotely during a sailing trip from UK across Biscay to Spain and then back again. In total the Go! was used for about three months, including two Biscay crossings when I had no alternate means of communication. I only used it for email as I already knew that it’s 2400bps speed was too slow for web browsing.

    I had opted for the fixed price £108/month unlimited data tariff, which included 10mins of free voice calls. I also used the Go! with only the built in antenna as fitting a proper external antenna was quite expensive and I decided I could always raise it up the mast if needed!

    Firstly the device itself. The unit was compact and solid and lived inside my boat almost all the time – mainly as that’s where my power supply was. The signal inside the boat (fibreglass hull) was full strength when satellites were in view. Maybe an external antenna would have extended the period of visibility of the satellites a bit more as they do pass over quite fast.

    I also opted for the Xgate email service. Whilst this is technically identical to the free iridium email, it has the advantage of having a Web and PC client and the ability to use other network connections, which made it easier to manage the volume of email traffic over a three month period. I had auto forwarded all my normal email to the Xmail, so I had quite a lot of mail but I also have very little junk and spam which helped a lot. I did find you have to pick up the mail every day or the backlog starts to make it hard to sync over satellite.

    The Xmail and Go app worked very well together to manage the low bandwidth and the regular dropouts as satellites crossed the horizon. The data already received was cached so the next connection would start where the last one dropped out, which was excellent. Sometimes it would take 5-10 connection attempts to pick up all the data, especially when large files were included. However, it would eventually all come through – even files of a mb or so. Just takes some perseverance! Considering there were no alternatives, I was happy to persevere!

    The messaging service on the Go! App was quick and efficient and messages went through in seconds. I could not get any SMS to mobiles to work at all and understand this is an issue between iridium and cell phone networks. However to email addresses they worked fine and were extremely quick and easy to use and great for short messages

    Overall, my experience was very positive and I would recommend the device and Xmail to anyone wanting a go-anywhere email connectivity.

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    • Moderator


      Thanks for the details feedback and the positive comments, I am happy the Iridium Go! satisfied your requirements at sea.


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  3. Good provided clear sky.

    Phil James

    Good for calls provided there is very clear sky above and around the unit- a few trees in the vicinity will mean a constant dropping in and out of signal.
    Even when the uplink is stable though, emails are tortuously slow, it takes hours to download just a few k of headers, and the whole in box has to be downloaded uninterrupted into one packet file or you are starting all over again using up both personal and air time.
    As I said, vey good for sat calls, but only if you have a really clear view of sky horizon to horizon – not a satnet device yet.

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    • Moderator

      Hi Phil,

      Thanks for the honest feedback on your experience with the Iridium Go hotspot, all points noted.


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  4. GO with a mast mounted antenna

    Peter Owens

    Bought one of these as the iSatHUb apparently does not work at sea. The Iridium GO! is much slower than the isatHub but for a skipper with limited data usage that wasn’t much of a concern to me. We installed the GO with a mast mounted antenna above deck and the Iridium GO below deck. This cost us far less than an Iridium phone with docking station would have cost, and we can all use the GO wirelessly from our smartphones – quite nifty.

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  5. One person found this helpful

    Good Support.

    Charles Brookson

    Always wonder about the risks as an early adopter!: Got one of these and have used the Android applications, registered for a Email address and followed the instructions to download the Go! Application, Email and Web and XWeb (Firefox). Found when I changed the password on Email it did not change for receive, so I had to erase and reload Email. You can arrange for it to collect Email from other accounts, or just forward to your address. Now all is working well. I can send SMS, GPS positions, Email, Facebook (with pictures), Twitter and get weather reports. A few rough edges but it all works …… Will be interesting to get a Laptop set up, but that is work in progress at the moment. The ordering process and support was very good from Ashbury Satcomm.

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Iridium GO Key-Features

  • Keeps smartphones and tablets connected way beyond the limits of GSM networks
  • Works by means of providing a mini satellite Wi-Fi hotspot for smartphones and tablets
  • Global coverage of the Iridium network means Iridium GO -and connected devices- works worldwide
  • Satellite connection supports voice calling, email, SMS, GPS, and SOS
  • Requires very simple installation of Iridium GO app on smartphone/tablet
  • All Apple and Android devices are supported
  • Size of the Iridium GO is 4.5″x 3.25″ x 1.25″
  • Weight of the Iridium GO is 295 grams
  • Extremely durable IP65 and Military Spec 810F
  • Standard 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Iridium GO Coverage Map

Iridium Satellite Phone Network Coverage

Iridium is the only satellite network offering truly global coverage including all landmasses, oceans and airways.

Iridium GO Airtime Options

Should you prefer prepaid you will see we sell discounted prepaid airtime vouchers with the Iridium GO in our shop. For more details on our Iridium GO prepaid services and call rates, see the Iridium GO prepaid vouchers further below.

We also offer easy online pay-monthly subscriptions for Iridium GO that you can buy with your Iridium GO should you wish, just add them both to cart and proceed to checkout then we will bill your card for your subscription on a monthly basis.

Iridium GO Applications

Recommended for:

  • All smartphone users that travel beyond the limits of GSM networks, or who operate where GSM networks are unreliable.
  • Comes with the free Iridium ‘Mail and Web’ App which provides a highly optimised experience for sending emails.

Usage Observations:

  • Works anywhere on land, sea, and air so long as the antenna can see the Iridium satellites. Particularly suitable for aircraft and boats.

Not recommended for:

  • General internet browsing since Iridium GO is not a broadband product – internet speeds are currently max 24kbps.

Iridium GO Box-Contents

  • Iridium GO
  • Iridium GO SIM Card
  • Mains Charger + Plug Kit
  • Vehicle Charger
  • Built-in Battery
  • CD, Manual, USB Cable

Iridium GO Video

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